I make art about moments I love. 

I love being among a hum of energy. Life is happening all around us all the time, and I find that fascinating. Everyone has a story. Together those stories have a life of their own that, when seen together, gives perspective on what we're all doing here. That's a scene I want to paint. Sometimes when everything comes together, the light, sounds, smells, feels, it can be incredibly satisfying. Like a moment of peace, stepping back and absorbing the fact that it's wonderful to be alive.

I've been doing some form of this documenting for 20-something years. I learned to draw and paint traditionally starting at 10 years old. I studied Illustration at Cal State Long Beach, and continue my art education through books and classes. Even as a professional, I will always be a student of art.

I have been working in animation for 7+ years as a background painter and visual development artist (Warner Brothers, Marvel Animation), which I love and continue to do. I find that my animation work enriches my personal work and vice versa.

My works have elements of impressionism, abstraction, illustration and a narrative quality that weaves throughout. I approach my work with curiosity, knowing that there’s more than one right answer. Each painting is it’s own work of life, one leading to the next.