Frequently Asked Questions


I do hope you love the art you order but I understand when things don't work out. 

Please contact me at JannaBockArt@gmail.com if there are any issues with your order or if you would like to make a return so I can resolve any issues or anticipate the return. 

If possible and easiest, please reuse the packaging your order came in. 

Mail to:

Attn: Janna Bock

Keystone Art Space

338 S. Avenue 16, D1

Los Angeles, CA 90031 USA

Upon receipt, your total will be refunded, not including return shipping cost.

You will be notified when your return is received. It may take a few business days to see the refund in your account appear. 

Do you take commissions?

I don't take commissions at this time, but plan to make that an option in the future. Sign up for my e-mail list to be notified when commissions open up!


Do you sell prints?

I do! I sell open edition prints on this website and on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/JannaBockArt

I have a selection of prints available in a variety of standard frame sizes as well as some fun items like totes and puzzles. More items will be added over time so stay tuned or get on my email list to be notified of new items. 

If there's a specific piece you'd like a print of that isn't in my shop, let me know! Depending on the quality of the reproduction I am able to make (smaller pieces are easier to reproduce), I will put it in my shop. 


What's your process?

Over the years, I have developed an eye for the kinds of scenes I want to paint. When I find myself in a situation that could result in a painting, I take a picture of the scene like a shot in an artsy movie. Looking for a good composition, good lighting and a general narrative. If I have time, I prefer to make a sketch on the spot. 

I then take that reference into my studio and go one of 2 ways depending on what I envision.

1. I do a free sketch and paint of the reference, quickly leaving the literal image behind and letting the painting itself dictate what the next steps are. 

2. I plan out the composition by sketching the possibilities, editing out unnecessary elements, and planning the color and proportions of color. Then I paint based on that plan. Usually the painting ends up being a bit different as I find more elements to add and different techniques to use. There must be room for improvisation, for the art of it after all. 


What materials do you use?

I love acrylic paints. They are so versatile and freeing because they dry fast and the color doesn't change from wet to dry. I use Golden acrylic paints because I love the quality and broad kinds of paint thicknesses available. All my works have a gloss varnish for protection and to bring out vibrancy in the color. 

The collage papers I use are from fantasy books I've read, poetry and vintage papers found in Los Angeles. I love the idea of putting text into a narrative painting. As if you can catch bits and pieces of the conversations happening around you. 

I sometimes use sharpie for the initial sketch. I find the permanence of it grounding and it keeps things lively. 

There are other materials such as crayon and oil pastel that make their way into my work. Sometimes I use stencils to get interesting shapes.

I use high quality tempera paint for my figure paintings. This is an ancient painting medium used before oils became the dominant medium used by master painters.