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Janna Bock Art Studio

Can I Take You Out Tonight?

Can I Take You Out Tonight?

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Original work.

You could tell I had a hard day. So you asked if you could take me out tonight, to that place you know I like, just to savor the evening, just to breath out the day and breath in this night.

This painting is the result of a lot of experimentation. The raised, textured areas are saved dry paint scrapings from my palette. The papers were found at a vintage shop in east L.A. Some are personal letters, a map, and one is from a 1950s humorous pamphlet. The people are from memories of restaurants and bars I've been to in downtown L.A. I was thinking of the feeling of being among that moving crowd, but still far enough away that I could observe from a peaceful distance. The bottom section is intentionally left abstract and open, creating that implied distance and room to breath.

Acrylic paint and mixed media on 24"x30" canvas.

Wood frame included. Signed, named and dated. 

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